Monthly Archives: August 2016

Music Sets The Mood When Dining

The best thing to relax your body and mind after a long day is a nice meal with soothing music to allow your mind to drift. Studies have shown that music is a key in triggering nostalgic memories of whatever time in your life that made you feel good. This is because sound directly attaches itself to memories the way smells do. So having your favorite song on while you sit down with your family to enjoy a meal can reduce all kinds of stress that may have taken over throughout your day. Try adding a glass of wine to the meal for an extra stress reliever.


Dine Out With Live Music

While we are at it why don’t we create some new memories with live music at a nice restaurant. A nice night out on the town with your significant other can do wonders if you are having issues with workplace stress. Depending on your taste in music will determine the type of restaurant you choose. Not all nice restaurants play music either but the ambiance is just as good.

Try Eating Outside

Depending on your geographical location, an outside dining experience can do wonders for your stress. Nature in itself is healing, especially on a beautiful day. You will be surprised at how the sun can recharge you the way it does the world. This may not work for everyone as there are climates that are colder than others but if you are in a climate that permits outside dining then by all means let the sun shine on you.